Permit Applications

2015 Residential MN State Code Amendments (pdf)                                             Building Home

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Permit Approval

Building permits will not be issued, and work should not begin, until the permit has been approved by the Building Department. Failure to provide all the information requested above will delay or prevent permit approval. After a preliminary review, ADDITIONAL INFORMATION MAY BE REQUIRED. Please allow 7 days for your building permit application to be processed. 

Required Building Inspections

  • Footing- When forms and re-enforcing are in place (before pour) and forms for poured walls.
  • Foundation Damp Proofing - Before backfill.
  • Plumbing Rough-In - 5# air test and visual inspection of waste and vent piping.
  • Mechanical - Visual inspection of all ducting, 25# air test for 12 hours on gas piping (complete appliance test tag)
  • Plumbing Manometer - When all fixtures are set.
  • Framing
  • Insulation
  • Wall Board
  • Final

Electrical Inspections

Electrical wiring must be approved by the state electrical inspector. For permit and inspection requirements call Chris Gappa, State Electrical Inspector, at 507-327-6078 between the hours of 7:00 am. - 8:30 a.m. 

Gopher State One Call 

Before excavating, call Gopher State One at 811 or 1-800-252-1166 to verify the location of underground utilities. Must give 48 hours notice. Along with the excavation address, Gopher State One Call will ask the Township, Range and Section descriptions of your property. That information can be obtained from the Building Department. 


To: Builders & Contractors

The permit applicant agrees that all work to be done under applied for permit shall comply with all applicable federal, state and city codes, ordinances, rules and regulations. The Department of Public Works must be notified in advance for all required inspections of connections before closing and street restoration. Failure to have the excavation inspected may require the owner’s reopening the excavation for inspection.
An applicant must accept full responsibility for the complete restoration to City specifications of the proposed excavation and surroundings. Contractor will use traffic control devices in compliance with the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic control Appendix B (copies available in the Building Department) for any excavation performed within the city right-of-away to provide optimum safety and convenience for the general public. The contractor for the duration of the project shall maintain these traffic control devices.
Applicant must guarantee all work performed under this contract be done in accordance with the Plans, Specifications, and Special Provisions, and in a good and workman-like manner; and to renew or repair any work which may be rejected, due to defective materials for workmanship, prior to final completion and acceptance of the project, and to renew or repair any work discovered to be defective within one year after said acceptance of the project.
  1. Contractors work must comply with the Federal OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926-650-652 Subpart P. copies are available at The Building Department Office.
  2. Maintain open excavations within R.O.W. This is the contact person’s responsibility. If the City has to maintain proper surfaces – materials, equipment, and labor charge outs will apply.
  3. We will address problems with individual contractors as they arise. Any questions proper to the project should be addressed to the appropriate personnel from the City of St. Peter.
  4. Please schedule timely street surface repairs. Ten (10) days from initial opening is appropriate.
  5. The Contractor shall maintain open communication lines with the city to ensure proper interaction. That will help all projects to obtain safe, timely completion and satisfactory results. This benefits all parties involved.


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