Ramsey Park


1461 North Washington Avenue


3.1 Acres
Drinking Fountain(s)
Parking Lot
Softball Field Non-Regulation

Neighborhood Park located off of North Washington Avenue.



This park was created in April 1976 and set-aside by the developers of the “Daun Addition”, the neighborhood to the north and east of the park. The land had belonged to the Daun family, longtime residents of Saint Peter. Area kids called the park “Prickly Park” because of all the sandburs that grow in the sandy soil. A baseball diamond was upgraded with backstop and dugouts with donations from the St. Peter Baseball Association. New playground equipment was added next to MVED in cooperation with the City and fencing was added with the extension of North Washington Avenue to its intersection with Dodd Ave (Hwy 22) in 2014-15.

The park recognizes Alexander Ramsey (1815-1903), who was the first Territorial Governor and second Governor of Minnesota. He later was mayor of St. Paul, a US Senator, and Secretary of War in the Hayes Administration (1879-1881). Ramsey County and parks and schools around the upper Midwest are named for him.